Ruby Tuesday / Let’s Spend the Night Together: THE ROLLING STONES

Australian singles chart:
The double-A-side single Ruby Tuesday / Let’s Spend the Night Together entered the Kent charts on 4 February 1967 and peaked at #3. The song was #17 on the Top 100 of 1967.

The songs were on Between the Buttons which entered the Kent album charts on 8 April 1967 and peaked at #7.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

Andrew Loog Oldham

Record label of Australian release:


“That’s a wonderful song,” Mick Jagger told Jann Wenner in 1995. “It’s just a nice melody, really. And a lovely lyric. Neither of which I wrote, but I always enjoy singing it.” Bill Wyman states in Rolling with the Stones that the lyrics were completely written by Keith Richards with help from Brian Jones on the musical composition. However, Marianne Faithfull recalls it differently; according to her, Jones presented an early version of this melody to the rest of the Rolling Stones. According to Victor Bockris, Richards came up with the basic track and the words and finished the song with Jones in the studio.
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Keith Richards said of Ruby Tuesday: “That’s one of those things – some chick you’ve broken up with. And all you’ve got left is the piano and the guitar and a pair of panties. And it’s goodbye you know. And so it just comes out of that. And after that you just build on it. It’s one of those songs that are easiest to write because you’re really right there and you really sort of mean it. And for a songwriter, hey break his heart and he’ll come up with a good song.”
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It’s pretty obvious what’s going on in this song, as Mick Jagger makes a play to bed down a lovely lady. All this talk of “satisfying her every need” got the attention of censors: many radio stations either refused to play it or bleeped out the word “night.”
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