Australian singles charts:
Ça Plane Pour Moi entered the Kent Music Report on 6 November 1978 and peaked at #2. It was #19 on the Top 100 of 1978.

The song is on An 1 which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 8 January 1979 and peaked at #48.

Lou Deprijck, Yvan Lacomblez

Lou Deprijck

Record label of Australian release:
RCA Victor

Plastic Bertrand is a Belgian musician, songwriter, producer, editor and television presenter whose real name is Roger Jouret. He also takes part in Scrabble tournaments at international level. He is best known for the 1978 international hit single Ça plane pour moi.
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Ça Plane Pour Moi roughly translates as “This Life’s for Me.” Besides the original French, there is also an English version, Jet Boy Jet Girl, by Elton Motello, which was released around the same time.
Ça Plane Pour Moi was co-written and produced by producer/songwriter Lou Deprijck. Later Deprijck took Plastic Bertrand to a Brussels court saying that he wanted to be recognized as the performing artist as well. He allegedly performed the vocals on the hit because Plastic Bertrand didn’t make it to the studio the day they were recording it. However Deprijck had little evidence to support this claim, while Bertrand had a signed contract and his name on the record-label. The judge fined him for what he described as a “groundless and vexatious” suit.
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