Monty and Me: ZOOT

Australian singles charts:
Monty and Me entered the Kent charts on 28 June 1969 and peaked at #36.

The song is on Just Zoot which entered the Kent album charts on 3 August 1970 and peaked at #12.

Hans Poulsen, Bruce Woodley

Record label of Australian release:

Among the more notable Zoot members were Darryl Cotton, Beeb Birtles and Rick Springfield. Mainstay bass guitarist Beeb Birtles was later a founder of Little River Band in 1975, and guitarist singer-songwriter Rick Springfield, who moved to the United States in 1972, achieved international fame as a solo artist, songwriter and actor.
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Zoot became one the most popular Australian bands of the second ‘pop wave’ of the late ’60s when they and other acts like The Valentines, the Masters Apprentices, Russell Morris and The New Dream were scoring hits and causing riots.
Zoot’s third single came out in June ’69. The jaunty, Ian Meldrum-produced Monty & Me was an engaging ditty co-written by Hans Poulsen and Bruce Woodley (The Seekers). The psyched-up production, with touches of flanging, shows clear similarities with Meldrum’s concurrent studio magnum opus The Real Thing (which was about to be released), on which Roger Hicks had played the opening guitar part.
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