Crunchy Granola Suite: NEIL DIAMOND


Crunchy Granola Suite is a track on Neil’s historic album Hot August Night which entered the Kent album charts on 11 December 1972. It spent a remarkable 246 weeks on the charts (almost 5 years). It was #1 five times between 21 May 1973 and 11 March 1974, for a total of 29 weeks.

Neil Diamond

Tom Catalano

Record label of Australian release:

This clip recorded live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, in 2008.

Hot August Night is a live double album by Neil Diamond – a recording of a concert on 24 August 1972, one of ten sold-out concerts that Diamond performed that month at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
Reviewing Hot August Night in 1973, Robert Christgau said Crunchy Granola Suite‘s opening guitar riff made it “obvious this man is some sort of genius rock entertainer”.
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Neil might’ve been playing to the crowd gathered for his 24 August 1972 concert, but he must’ve also had the subsequent live album in mind. He speaks with the charged intimacy of a man trying to talk his way into a million living rooms. “I promised that before I came back to this theater that we would do things for you that you would not forget for a while,” he says.
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