Alone Again (Naturally): GILBERT O’SULLIVAN

Australian singles chart:
Alone Again (Naturally) entered the Kent singles chart on 1 May 1972 and peaked at #2. It was #17 on the Top 100 of 1972.

The song is on the Australian release of Back to Front which entered the Kent album chart on 29 January 1973 and peaked at #22.

Gilbert O’Sullivan

Gordon Mills

Record label of Australian release:

A rather depressing song, Alone Again (Naturally) tells a sad tale of a lonely, suicidal man being left at the altar and then telling the listener about the death of his parents. The song connected with listeners on various levels: the downtrodden could commiserate with the singer, and the lucky ones who were not in this position were reminded of their good fortune.
This was Irish-born singer Gilbert O’Sullivan’s only American #1.
At least 100 artists have covered this song, including Anita Bryant, Sarah Vaughan, Johnny Mathis, Shirley Bassey and Neil Diamond. Pet Shop Boys did a version with Elton John, and Diana Krall and Michael Bublé recorded it together for Krall’s 2015 album Wallflower.
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