Boogie: CARSON

Australian singles chart:
Boogie entered the Kent charts on 28 August 1972 and peaked at #29.

The song is on Blown which entered the Kent album charts on 27 November 1972 and peaked at #19.


Howard Gable

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS CLIP BELOW Boogie performed live at Sunbury

Carson formed in Melbourne in 1970 as Carson County Band and, influenced by US group Canned Heat, performed blues rock and boogie rock.
Broderick Smith (Adderley Smith Blues Band) joined them in 1971, providing vocals and harmonica.
Boogie was released in September 1972, which was followed in November by their debut album Blown.
Carson performed at the Sunbury Pop (Rock) Festival in 1972 and 1973. A live recording of their Sunbury ’73 set On the Air was released in April that year.
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Carson’s career was relatively short – almost exactly three years – but in that time the “Kings of Boogie” built a reputation as a powerful live act, and they were one of the most popular Australian blues bands of the early 70s. Together with Bulldog, Chain, The Aztecs, Company Caine and Pirana, Carson was part of the stable of acts handled by Consolidated Rock, the Melbourne agency founded by young entrepreneur Michael Gudinski. Carson was also an important stepping stone for several of its members, including singer Broderick Smith, and the group’s original keyboard player John Capek.
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GTV9 footage of Carson performing Boogie live at Sunbury ’73

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