Girls on the Avenue: RICHARD CLAPTON

Australian singles chart:
Girls on the Avenue entered the Kent Music Report on 10 February 1975 and peaked at #4. It was the #50 song on the Top 100 of 1975.

The song is on Girls on the Avenue which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 21 April 1975 and peaked at #33.

Richard Clapton

Richard Batchens

Record label of Australian release:

Although the song was widely perceived to be about prostitutes, Clapton has stated it was actually about three girls who lived on The Avenue in Rose Bay in Sydney when he was living the next street over. Clapton was happy for the misunderstanding to continue, saying, “My manager at the time simply said ‘Sex sells. Let that urban myth keep festering out there and you’ll sell a lot of records.’ and I did.”
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