Hollywood Seven: JON ENGLISH

Australian singles chart:
Hollywood Seven entered the Kent Music Report on 12 April 1976 and peaked at #13. It was #74 on the Top 100 of 1976.

The song is on Hollywood Seven which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 23 August 1976 and peaked at #20.

Gloria Sklerov, Harry Lloyd

Rod Thomas, William Motzing

Record label of Australian release:

Pop Archives:
Gloria Sklerov recalls the writing of Hollywood Seven: “On the way home on the freeway, I passed a motel called “Hollywood Eight” which intrigued me. I started to think about who might be checking in there. When I got together with Harry Lloyd, we discussed it and decided to change the name to “Hollywood Seven” because it ‘sang’ better. We then plotted the story and it all sort of came to be like it was meant to. We were thrilled when we heard Jon’s record because they used some of the synth riffs we had used on the demo and his vocal was great… As a writer, I was very proud of Jon’s version.”
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