Heading in the Right Direction: RENEE GEYER BAND

Australian singles chart:
Heading in the Right Direction entered the Kent Music Report on 1 December 1975 and peaked at #31.

The song is on Ready to Deal which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 24 November 1975 and peaked at #21.

Garry Paige, Mark Punch

Ernie Rose, Renee Geyer Band

Record label of Australian release:

Australian singer Renée Geyer has long been regarded as one of the finest exponents of jazz, soul and R&B idioms. She had commercial success as a solo artist in Australia, with It’s a Man’s Man’s World, Heading in the Right Direction and Stares and Whispers in the 1970s and Say I Love You in the 1980s. Geyer has also been an internationally respected and sought-after backing vocalist, whose session credits include work with Sting, Chaka Khan, Toni Childs and Joe Cocker.
Geyer spent more than ten years based in the United States but had little chart success there under her own name, yet contributing to releases by Neil Diamond, Men at Work, Trouble Funk and many others. She returned to Australia in the mid-1990s.
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