Time in a Bottle: JIM CROCE

Australian singles chart:
Time in a Bottle entered the Kent Music Report on 23 September 1974 and peaked at #60.

The song appeared on Croce’s 1972 debut album You Don’t Mess Around with Jim.

Jim Croce

Terry Cashman, Tommy West

Record label of Australian release:

Jim Croce wrote this reflective song the night that he found out his wife, Ingrid, was pregnant. The couple had been married for five years, and Ingrid found out she was pregnant when she went to a fertility specialist.
Time in a Bottle became a hit after Jim died on 30 September 1973 when a plane in which he was a passenger crashed on takeoff. It was a track on his 1972 debut album that gained in popularity in 1973 after its use in an American television movie.
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