New York Mining Disaster 1941: BEE GEES

Australian singles chart:
New York Mining Disaster 1941 entered the Kent charts on 20 May 1967 and peaked at #11. It was #100 on the Top 100 of 1967.

The song is on Bee Gees’ 1st which entered the Kent album charts on 16 September 1967 and peaked at #10.

Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb

Robert Stigwood, Ossie Byrne

Record label of Australian release:

On 3 January 1967, the Gibb brothers and their parents traveled from Australia to England on the ship Fairsky, reaching Southampton on 6 February. The brothers performed on board in exchange for passage. Later, the Gibb brothers auditioned for Robert Stigwood; they passed, and they signed to the Robert Stigwood Organisation on 24 February. They then wrote New York Mining Disaster 1941.
Barry and Robin Gibb wrote the song while sitting on a darkened office staircase following a power cut. The song recounts the story of a miner trapped in a cave-in. He is sharing a photo of his wife with a colleague (“Mr. Jones”) while they hopelessly wait to be rescued.
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