Rough Tough ‘n’ Ready: HUSH

Australian singles chart:
Rough Tough ‘n’ Ready entered the Kent Music Report on 9 February 1976 and peaked at #49.

The song is on Rough Tough ‘n’ Ready which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 8 December 1975 and peaked at #15.

Les Gock, Keith Lamb

Robie Porter

Record label of Australian release:

Rough Tough ‘n’ Ready is the fourth studio album by Hush. In an interview with Anthony O’Grady of Rock Australia Magazine in 1976, Les Gock said “We really put a lot work into it. It’s really a whole different direction to C’mon We’re Taking Over which is where we tried to experiment in the studio. This time we tried to get the band’s stage sound onto record and it’s worked pretty well I think.”
“We really sweated over every detail of it. We worked out exactly what we wanted to do on it, how we wanted it to sound, what sort of energy level we wanted on it.”
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