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Abbey Road entered the Kent album charts on 25 October 1969 straight into the #1 position, where it remained for 18 weeks.

Songwriter – Here Comes the Sun:
George Harrison

George Martin

Record label of Australian release:

Wikipedia – Here Comes the Sun:
Here Comes the Sun was written by George Harrison in Eric Clapton’s garden in Surrey during a break from stressful band business meetings. The basic track was recorded on 7 July 1969. Harrison sang lead and played acoustic guitar, Paul McCartney provided backing vocals and played bass and Ringo Starr played the drums. John Lennon was still recuperating from a car accident and did not perform on the track. George Martin provided an orchestral arrangement in collaboration with Harrison, who overdubbed a Moog synthesizer part immediately before the final mix.
Though not released as a single, the song attracted attention and critical praise.
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Wikipedia – Abbey Road:
Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, released on 26 September 1969 by Apple Records. Named after the location of EMI Studios in London, the cover features the group walking across the street’s zebra crossing, an image that became one of the most famous and imitated in popular music.
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