Mama Told Me (Not To Come): THREE DOG NIGHT

Australian singles chart:
Mama Told Me Not to Come entered the Kent charts on 10 August 1970 and peaked at #10. The song was #64 on the Top 100 of 1970.

Randy Newman

Tom Wilson

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS CLIP BELOW – version by Tom Jones and Stereophonics

Written by Randy Newman, the song is about a guy going to a party that left a “bad taste” in his mouth. The drug scene was fairly new to American middle-class youth at that time.
Eric Burdon & The Animals released the first version of this song, including it on their 1967 album Eric Is Here.
The version by Three Dog Night has the distinction of being the very first #1 hit on the new American Top 40 syndicated radio program, hosted by Casey Kasem.
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The recording of the song by Tom Jones and Stereophonics was released in 2000.

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