Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’: KENNY LOGGINS ft. STEVIE NICKS

Australian singles chart:
Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’ entered the Kent Music Report on 30 October 1978 peaked at #26.

The song is on Kenny Loggins’ album Nightwatch which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 16 October 1978 and peaked at #70.

Kenny Loggins, Melissa Manchester

Bob James

Record label of Australian release:

Kenny Loggins co-wrote Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’ with Melissa Manchester but sang it with Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. He wanted to sing it with Manchester, but they were under different contracts. Loggins had the good fortune of being Fleetwood Mac’s opening act for about a year and a half while they were touring behind their Rumours album, and this gave Kenny a lot of exposure. It’s also how he got to know Stevie Nicks, who didn’t get official credit on the song until the album was reissued.
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