Convoy: CW McCALL

Australian singles charts:
Convoy entered the Kent Music Report charts on 5 January 1976 and was a #1 hit. It was #10 on the Top 100 of 1976.

The song is on Black Bear Road which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 23 February 1976 and peaked at #49.

Bill Fries, Chip Davis

Don Sears, Chip Davis

Record label of Australian release:

The 1975 novelty song Convoy performed by C. W. McCall became a #1 song on America’s country and pop charts and was also #1 in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Written by McCall and Chip Davis, Convoy is about a fictional trucker rebellion that drives from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States without stopping.
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Convoy was inspired by the CB radio craze of the mid-’70s.
CW McCall is a character created by songwriter Bill Fries, the C.W. standing for Country and Western.
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Explanation of the CB radio slang in the song:


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