Saved by the Bell: ROBIN GIBB

Australian singles chart:
Saved by the Bell entered the Kent charts on 2 August 1969 and peaked at #7. The song was #58 on the Top 100 of 1969.

The song is on Robin’s Reign.

Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb

Record label of Australian release:

Robin Gibb announced his solo plans in March 1969. Saved by the Bell was recorded around March 1969, along with three other songs. As Gibb said: “I made that record back at the end of March, immediately following my split from the Bee Gees”.
Fellow Bee Gee Maurice Gibb worked on Saved by the Bell, playing piano, adding vocals, and recording organ and guitar, accompanied by a drum machine. The demo was then sent to Kenny Clayton, who arranged the song with a big singalong chorus.
Robin and Maurice returned to the studio together in August 1970 and they announced that the Bee Gees were back. Barry also announced that the Bee Gees “are there and they will never, ever part again”.
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