Solsbury Hill: PETER GABRIEL

Australian singles chart:
Solsbury Hill entered the Kent Music Report on 16 May 1977 and peaked at #45.

The song is on the debut solo album by Peter Gabriel and the first of four with the same eponymous title. It entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 18 April 1977 and peaked at #25.

Peter Gabriel

Bob Ezrin

Record label of Australian release:

English progressive rock singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel wrote Solsbury Hill about a spiritual experience atop Little Solsbury Hill in Somerset, England, after his departure from the progressive rock band Genesis, of which he had been the lead singer since its inception.
Gabriel has said of the song’s meaning, “It’s about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get … It’s about letting go.”
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Most of Peter Gabriel’s songs have lyrics made up of various images that come to him, but Solsbury Hill was a rare autobiographical song, dealing with his break as lead singer of the band Genesis and anticipation of his new challenge as a solo artist.
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