Sunshine of Your Love: CREAM

Australian singles charts:
Sunshine of Your Love entered the Kent charts on 24 Febraury 1968 and peaked at #18.

The song is on Disraeli Gears which entered the Kent album charts on 2 March 1968. It reached #1 on 30 March 1968 and reamained there for two weeks.

Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, Pete Brown

Felix Pappalardi

Record label of Australian release:

Jack Bruce’s bass line carries the song. He got the idea for it after going to a Jimi Hendrix concert. When Kees van Wee interviewed Bruce in 2003 for the Dutch magazine Heaven, Kees asked him which of his many songs epitomizes Jack Bruce the most. At first he was in doubt whether he should answer Pieces of Mind or Keep On Wondering, but then he changed his mind and opted for Sunshine Of Your Love. Because, said Bruce, “It’s based on a bass riff. And when you enter a music shop, this is the song that kids always play to try out a guitar.”
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