Wild Side of Life: STATUS QUO

Australian singles chart:
Wild Side of Life entered the Kent Music Report on 24 January 1977 peaked at #8. It was #41 on the Top 100 of 1977.

Arlie Carter, William Warren

Roger Glover

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS TRACK BELOW: the 1952 original by Hank Thompson

The Wild Side of Life was made famous in 1952 by country music singer Hank Thompson. According to country music historian Bill Malone, the song’s co-writer William Warren was inspired to create the song after his experiences with a young woman he met when he was younger — a honky tonk angel, as it were — who “found the glitter of the gay night life too hard to resist.”
There have been many cover versions of The Wild Side of Life, including one by the British rock band Status Quo which reached the top 10 in the UK and Australia in 1976. Quo’s rock version featured, instead of Alan Lancaster who had to go back to his family in Australia, Deep Purple’s bassist Roger Glover, who also produced the record.
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