Australian singles chart:
Girls Talk entered the Kent Music Report on 27 August 1979 and peaked at #9. It was #56 on the Top 100 of 1979.

The song is on Repeat When Necessary which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 30 July 1979 and peaked at #37.

Elvis Costello

Dave Edmunds

Record label of Australian release:
Swan Song

BONUS CLIP BELOW: 1979 music video clip of Girls Talk

Girls Talk was written by Elvis Costello and first recorded by Dave Edmunds. Costello gave an early version of the song to Edmunds, saying he donated the song “in a moment of drunken bravado.”
Edmunds reworked the song and released it on his album Repeat When Necessary. Costello later released his version as a B-side to I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down. Both Edmunds and Costello’s versions attracted critical acclaim.
As with many of Costello’s previous songs, it is tricky to ascertain a particular meaning, as his lyrics are replete with such double meanings as “though you may not be an old-fashioned girl, you’re still going to get dated”.
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A music video was produced for Girls Talk featuring Dave Edmunds and Rockpile playing on the roof of the Warner Brothers Records building in Midtown Manhattan, as well as assorted shots of people walking through Manhattan.

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