What Can I Say / Lido Shuffle: BOZ SCAGGS

Australian singles charts:
The double-A-side single What Can I Say / Lido Shuffle entered the Kent Music Report on 20 December 1976 and peaked at #2. It was #14 on the Top 100 of 1977.

The songs are on Silk Degrees which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 28 June 1976. It reached #1 almost a year later on 13 June 1977 and remained there for 18 weeks.

Songwriters – both songs:
Boz Scaggs, David Paich

Joe Wissert

Record label of Australian release:

“Boz” Scaggs is William Royce Scaggs.

Among the accompanying musicians on Silk Degrees, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro and David Hungate became members of Toto, while Fred Tackett became a member of Little Feat.
The album marked Scaggs’s commercial zenith, a mix of pop rock, soul and ballads.
The front cover photograph was by Moshe Brakha of Scaggs at Casino Point, Avalon, California.
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Silk Degrees spent 102 weeks (almost 2 years) on the Australian album charts, including 18 consecutive weeks at #1.
Of the 10 tracks on the album, 6 of them were released as singles in Australia, including 2 double-A-side singles. They all made the singles charts, despite many Australians also owning the Silk Degrees album.
It’s Over peak #63
Lowdown #94
What Can I Say / Lido Shuffle #2
We’re All Alone / Lowdown #54

Lyrics – What Can I Say
Lyrics – Lido Shuffle

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