See My Baby Jive: WIZZARD

Australian singles charts:
See My Baby Jive entered the Kent chart on 18 June 1973 and peaked at #12. The song was #50 on the Top 100 of 1973.

The song is on Wizzard Brew which entered the Kent album charts on 8 October 1973 and peaked at #50.

Roy Wood

Roy Wood

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS SONG BELOW: the B-side of See My Baby Jive is Bend Over Beethoven

Written and produced by Roy Wood, See My Baby Jive was the second single by Wood’s band and their first to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart.
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Roy Wood: “At the beginning of Wizzard, the line-up was two cellists, two drummers, two saxophone players, plus guitar, bass and keyboards. What else can you do with that line-up but create a Phil Spector sound?”

Wikipedia – Roy Wood’s departure from Electric Light Orchestra:
Not long after the release of Electric Light Orchestra’s first album, Wood found himself in political disagreements with the band’s manager Don Arden. Following a difference of opinion in 1972 during recording of the band’s second album, ELO 2, Wood walked out on ELO.
Despite press reporting a fallout between Wood and co-founder/leader Jeff Lynne, Wood denies that he and Lynne ever had a real row, blaming it on press fabrication and insisting that “We never had a real row and we’re still mates now.”
In fact, Wood claimed that he left the group because he foresaw a fallout between him and Lynne due to their increasing differences of opinion (which he felt were caused, indirectly, by the band’s management) and wanted to avoid it.
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The B-side of Wizzard’s See My Baby Jive is a jazz instrumental called Bend Over Beethoven, written by Hugh McDowell who played cello for both Wizzard and ELO between 1972 and 1980.

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