Australian singles charts:
Esmeralda entered the Kent charts on 20 March 1972 and peaked at #37.

The song is on Warts Up Your Nose which entered the Kent album charts on 20 November 1972 and peaked at #24.

My Crudd (Mike Rudd)

Howard Gable

Record label of Australian release:

The Indelible Murtceps were formed in Melbourne in October 1971 by Mike Rudd as a side project to his main group, Spectrum, using the same members for both bands. The line-up was Mike Rudd on lead guitar, lead vocals and harmonica; Lee Neale on keyboards; Bill Putt on bass guitar; and Ray Arnott on drums. With the advent of pub rock, Spectrum’s lengthy and complex material was precluding bookings on the lucrative local dance and pub circuit.
Rudd created a performance set of simpler, dance-pop tunes, with a reduced stage set-up, for use by the Indelible Murtceps, allowing Spectrum to continue its progressive course while supplementing members’ incomes with the more frequent Murtceps gigs.
‘Murtceps’ is ‘Spectrum’ spelt backwards.
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