Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again: THE ANGELS

Australian singles charts:
Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again entered the Kent Music Report singles chart on 3 May 1976 and peaked at #58.

The song is on the band’s 1977 debut album The Angels.

John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Doc Neeson

Harry Vanda, George Young

Record label of Australian release:
Albert Productions

BONUS CLIP BELOW: live version

Doc Neeson said the song was originally written as an acoustic ballad about grief and loss. The girlfriend of Neeson’s friend was killed in a motorcycle collision, and the two friends were discussing life after death. The conversation inspired Neeson to write the lyrics. References to subjects like ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Renoir’ came from Neeson’s own experiences
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About the call and response at live concerts: (live clip below)

Similarities to Status Quo’s Lonely Night:
It was brought to Status Quo’s attention that the Angels hit Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again had a remarkably similar key line to their obscure song Lonely Night.

Lonely Night was the B-side on Status Quo’s 1974 single Break the Rules (which didn’t chart in Australia) and is a bonus track on the 2005 CD re-issue of their 1974 album Quo.

After some back-and-forth between the parties, it was determined that one of the Angels must have heard the Quo song at some time, then forgotten about it. They agreed that the near-copy was unintentional and they settled out-of-court, with the Angels paying royalties. Given the good relationship between the bands, they quickly moved on from the issue.

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The Melbourne Music Show Under the Southern Cross, Melbourne Showgrounds, 1988.

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