Australian singles chart:
Will I entered the Kent Music Report on 18 March 1974 and peaked at #26.

Beeb Birtles, Darryl Cotton

Ern Rose, Mississippi

Record label of Australian release:

Will I was released in 1974, the year Mississippi toured the United Kingdom. In London Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble and Derek Pellici met with former Masters Apprentices bass guitarist Glenn Wheatley who agreed to become their manager, should they decide to return to Australia. In the UK, the group met Glenn Shorrock (ex-the Twilights, Axiom) who had been there for four years, and was also returning home.
In early 1975, the individuals members Birtles, Goble, Pellici and Shorrock had returned to Australia and reformed Mississippi with the addition of Graham Davidge on lead guitar and Dave Orams on bass guitar. On the way to a gig in Geelong they passed a sign pointing to Little River. That led to a name change, the band becoming the Little River Band. Under the guidance of Wheatley, they became one of Australia’s most successful bands in the US.
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Mississippi’s last single was a recording of a live favourite Will I, a song Beeb had co-written with Daryl Cotton just after the demise of Zoot.
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