Marshall’s Portable Music Machine: ROBIN JOLLEY

Australian singles charts:
Marshall’s Portable Music Machine entered the Kent charts on 17 Aptil 1972 and peaked at #4. The song was #41 on the Top 100 of 1972.

Brian Cadd, Don Mudie

Brian Cadd

Record label of Australian release:

Marshall’s Portable Music Machine was written by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie, and was Jolley’s first single, released in 1972 on Ron Tudor’s Fable label. The song was developed from an advertising jingle for a sewing machine.

From Brunswick in Melbourne, Jolley (whose real name is Leslie Barnett) went on to become a well known personality, making regular appearances on TV shows including The Mike Walsh Show and In Melbourne Tonight with Graham Kennedy.

He had three other singles in the charts in 1973 and 1974, although none as successful as Marshall’s Portable Music Machine. They were Do You Wanna Boogie, Song and Dance Man and My Happy Song, all released on Fable.

Following his solo period, Jolley sang for a time with Melbourne band The Blue Echoes.

He went on to work as a television producer at BTV 6 Ballarat, working with Ernie Sigley and Fred Fargher. Then in Melbourne, on The Price is Right and with Daryl Somers on his short-lived Tuesday night variety show and Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Jolley was also a segment producer for Bert Newton’s lunchtime show on Seven before producing Ten’s morning show.


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