Frozen Orange Juice: PETER SARSTEDT

Australian singles charts:
Frozen Orange Juice entered the Kent charts on 14 June 1969 and peaked at #8. The song peaked at #70 on the Top 100 of 1969.

Peter Sarstedt

Ray Singer

Record label of Australian release:
United Artists

Sarstedt was born in New Delhi in 1941 as one of six siblings, to Albert and Coral Sarstedt, who were civil servants in the British administration. Both of his parents had trained as classical musicians.
Sarstedt later moved to Calcutta (now Kolkata); seven years after Indian independence from Britain, the family moved to England in 1954, settling in south London just before the rock ‘n’ roll boom.
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Frozen orange juice is a cool treat on a summer day. In this innocent, whimsical song, Sarstedt sings about buying another one for his girl, as they enjoy a romp through the hills of Madrid.
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