Woman You’re Breaking Me: THE GROOP

Australian singles chart:
Woman You’re Breaking Me entered the Kent charts on 27 May 1967 and peaked at #8. It was the #61 song on the Top 100 of 1967.

The song is on the CBS album Woman You’re Breaking Me.

Brian Cadd, Richard Wright

Record label of Australian release:

By the time of Woman You’re Breaking Me, The Groop was Brian Cadd, Ronnie Charles, Don Mudie, Max Ross and Richard Wright.
May 1967 saw the release of the soul-inflected, reverb-drenched Woman You’re Breaking Me. This was a major hit in Melbourne and Sydney, even charting in some key American centres when it was put out by Columbia Records there. The single was followed by an album of the same name. It was a strong collection of originals and well-chosen covers that were mostly drawn from the band’s current popular performing repertoire. It’s also notable as one of the first Australian pop LPs to be recorded in stereo.
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