This is the American band Bulldog (1972-1975), not the Australian band of the same name (1970) for which you can click here

Australian singles chart:
No entered the Kent charts on 30 October 1972 and peaked at #22.

The song is on Bulldog which entered the Kent album chart on 18 December 1972 and peaked at #12.

Billy Hocher, John Turi

Gene Cornish

No by American pop-rock group Bulldog was the first release from their 1972 eponymous debut album. Vocals are provided by bassist Billy Hocher, with a sound similar to Joe Cocker.
The song became an international hit, charting in the USA and Canada, but it did best in Australia and New Zealand.
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Wikipedia – Bulldog:
Dino Danelli is best known as an original member and the drummer in the rock group The Young Rascals. Danelli formed Bulldog with another of the Young Rascals, Gene Cornish, in 1972. They produced two albums and the hit No, before disbanding in 1975.
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