Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day: JETHRO TULL


War Child entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 28 October 1974 and peaked at #9.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

Record label of Australian release:

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day was written by Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson, who dubbed it his “first climate change song” due to its lyrics about the then-current concern over global cooling.
In an article ‘Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson: My Life in 10 Songs’: Rolling Stone, 27 June 2018, he explained:
“This was my first song talking about the issue of ecology and, in this specific case, climate change. Back in those days, scientists believed that we were heading towards a period of global cooling, that we could be heading towards a new ice age. And in fact, they realized that in fact, no, we’re heading toward a period of global warming. So my song became kind of redundant. But the idea was sound. And I still have a fondness for it today, because it is talking with optimism about facing the changing world and a changing climate to which we have to adapt, bravely and optimistically. And it feels very apt and appropriate for today.”
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War Child album cover – Wikipedia:
The front cover is a composite photograph featuring a positive colour print of Melbourne at night, and a negative print of a studio photo of lead singer Ian Anderson.
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