Australian singles chart:
Eloise entered the Kent charts on 7 December 1968 and was a #1 hit in this country. It was #12 on the Top 100 of 1969.

Paul Ryan

Bill Landis

Record label of Australian release:

The power-pop hit Eloise was written by Barry’s identical twin brother, Paul Ryan. Their mother was Marion Ryan, one of the biggest pop stars in England in the 1950s, and a regular on British variety shows.
As Paul and Barry Ryan, the twins signed to Decca Records and released their first material in 1965, when they were just 17.
At the time Eloise was a Top 10 hit in Australia, an eight-year-old girl named Eloise Worledge was abducted from her Melbourne home. Out of respect and consideration for her family, Melbourne Top 40 radio stations ceased playing the song for a period while the fruitless hunt for her abductor/s was carried-out. Sadly, Eloise was never found.
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We mentioned the missing Melbourne girl Eloise Worledge above. Here is a song about her from A Current Affair on Australia’s Nine Network.

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