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26 January 2023

Bang a Gong – the web site and Facebook page – is about music, mainly of the ’60s and ’70s. On our Facebook page we post links to songs on our web site, plus a few photos or memes that are music-related or just plain fun. More about BaG HERE.

We started as a fun distraction during Victoria’s Covid lockdowns in August 2020. From small beginnings BaG has grown to more than 1,000* songs on our web site (and still growing), and more than 33,000* followers on Facebook (also still growing).

Your comments on Facebook have been good-natured, usually about your recollections of the songs, the artists, and what was happening in your lives when those songs were released. They have been fantastic, reflecting the purpose and light-hearted character of BaG. Thank you! We have never needed rules about comments because you knew how to behave yourselves.

However, there have been a few comments or threads recently that are way off topic (the music) and, at times, offensive.

So here’s a rule – it’s pretty basic… when making comments on Facebook, please stick to what BaG is about: music of the ’60s and ’70s and your memories of those times. Keep it respectful of other people and their personal values – both artists and BaG followers. Keep political views out of it, and no racism, homophobia and the like.

I have had to delete a few recent comments/threads.
There were some offensive comments on a recent Elton John concert photo.
There was a nasty thread that came after the word “woke” was used in a comment. You can’t slag off at each other on our page.
Another commenter accused a singer of being a pedophile, which he wasn’t. The commenter was thinking of a different singer. Just don’t go there!

Play nicely and don’t make me use the Delete button, or even block you from the page. Because I have done these things when needed. Abusive private messages will also get you blocked.

Please continue to enjoy Bang a Gong in the spirit in which it is intended. And thank you to the huge majority of you who do. I love how you have embraced this little lockdown project.


*Figures updated in October 2023

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