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Our name? Marc Bolan and T Rex once told us to Get it On, Bang a Gong, so that’s what we are proudly doing!

Welcome to Bang a Gong‘s song clips and info that celebrate the radio hits of the ’60s and ’70s in Australia, with more songs continually being added. We have a particular focus on the period 1967 to 1974 when some musically innovative artists and styles emerged that still stand-out today .

Chart details are from Australian Chart Book which includes the authoritative Kent Music Report. We acknowledge the decades of great work by David Kent (Australian Chart Book Pty Ltd) to research and document the sales of records and songs in Australia.

Music and TV Milestone Gongs on our Facebook pages include historical information that is provided by the Jocks’ Journal by newmedia.com.au.

Video/audio clips are publicly available YouTube links. When available, we use official clips posted by record companies, by others who are officially linked to the artists, or by YouTube themselves. We are not responsible for their content.

Information provided about songs, albums and artists is from external sources including Wikipedia, Songfacts and Milesago, with links provided. Some information, where acknowledged, is also from The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop (2nd edition) by Ian McFarlane (Third Stone Press). We are not responsible for the content of any of these sources.

Bang a Gong is curated by Australian radio veteran Greg Allen, who has workd as an announcer, music programmer, program producer and journalist. Greg can be heard on ACE Network stations 3MP Melbourne and 2UE Sydney.

This is a continually evolving site with new songs added frequently. There are many more to add so keep checking back. You can Follow our Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss any: Bang a Gong.

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For reports of broken or missing links, or any general enquiries, use this email link: contact@bangagong.com.au

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