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Hi Bangers… here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience with Bang a Gong.

Facebook feeds

The more you interact with our Facebook posts, the more likely you are to see our posts in your feed. The way the Facebook algorithm works, if you like, share or comment on each of our posts, Facebook will keep pushing them onto your feed, and the feeds of others.

The level of your reactions informs Facebook’s algorithm about your level of interest in BaG.

The weekly Top 20 singles poll

Every Monday we ask you to vote on the songs listed on a Top 20 singles chart from that particular week in a year during the ’60s or ’70s. A post goes up on our Facebook page by 12pm, Australian eastern time, directing voters to our web site. You simply click on the names of songs you still like today.

If you don’t always see our Monday Facebook posts about this (see ‘Facebook feeds’ above), we suggest you don’t wait for the post. Just go straight to our web site any time on a Monday afternoon or evening (Aus time) and you’ll see it there.

Song audio and clips on our web site

Song audio and videos on our pages are from YouTube. Frequent users prefer to get straight to the song without watching ads first by subscribing to YouTube’s Premium service. In Australia it costs $14.99/month. If you’re logged in to YouTube on your devices (like your smart phone or laptop), the ads will disappear when you browse BaG!

Comments on Facebook

We absolutely love all the comments and interaction from Bangers on our Facebook page. It is heartening to see such a high level of engagement because it shows you love the songs, and what we do.

If a posted song interests you, simply click on it to go there. Once you have listened to the song and read the notes, we provide a Click to Comment link to take you back to the Facebook post, where you can ‘comment’ about the song and the memories it prompts.

All we ask is that you keep your comments clean and respectful of others. It’s a public space that welcomes people of all ages and values. We’re thrilled that Bangers are a great bunch of people and we rarely have any problems. Thank you!

By the way, it is helpful to read our web notes about a song before you comment. Telling us something that we already told you indicates you didn’t actually click through to the song! Reading our notes before commenting can also help slow the spread of misinformation. For instance, there have been false rumours for 50 years about who Carly Simon was singing about in You’re So Vain!


Enquiries are welcome. Contact details are on About Bang a Gong & Contact.

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