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7 July 2023 – the chord that George Harrison invented

A lesser known Beatles song written by George Harrison is I Want to Tell You on the 1966 album Revolver.

Speaking with Guitar World in 1992, the publication noted that there was an unusual chord towards the end of the song, to which Harrison replied: “I’m really pleased that you noticed that. That’s an E7th with an F on the top, played on the piano. I’m really proud of that, because I literally invented that chord.”

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28 June 2023 – Glastonbury 2023

Yusuf / Cat Stevens performed some of his hit songs in this year’s Legends Slot at Glastonbury.
From BBC Music, here’s Wild World:

Cat’s road to Glastonbury – a brief history of Yusuf / Cat Stevens by BBC Music:

Glastonbury was Elton John’s last UK show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour:

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26 June 2023 – Cliff Richard’s impromtu performance during a rain delay at Wimbledon 1996

With the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament returning next week, let’s remember Cliff’s impromptu performance in the centre court stands in 1996. He delights the crowd with The Young Ones, Bachelor Boy, All Shook Up, Living Doll and Congratulations:

11 April 2023 – John Farnham: Finding the Voice coming soon

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